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Owner/ Operations – Tim Harrison

Tim Harrison is the Cheshunt Plumbing owner. He is based in Cheshunt.

Tim began his job as a technician. But now he has years of experience. He is dedicated to his job, and to his team of plumbers. In addition, he has a clear vision as to how Cheshunt Plumbing should work. Quality and respect for the customer underpin his work ethics. And his friendly disposition helps to ease relationships, both with customers and with staff.

Customers are priority.

Plumber Cheshunt is a leading plumbing business because of his hard work. He looks on his customers as a business partners within the business. It is because of Tim. “As we are a business working with people, we should do what customers are hoping from us.” He is friendly with everyone, and easy to get along with. Plumber Cheshunt is well known as a friendly team.

All-round Plumber

If there’s an emergency, Tim is ready to work with his employees. As a result,  Tim doesn’t like to sit back and just watch. He is able to do any kind of plumbing job because of his wide experience. Tim is up-to-date with the new trends in the plumbing industry. The Cheshunt plumbing owner instructs in  training for plumbers in the area. As the owner, it feels it is his duty to update his employees with new technology. And he encourages his staff to attend training.

A service, not just a job

In says, “We are doing a service to the people; it is not only a job.” And, for every problem he has a solution. He doesn’t like to say “No” and “Can’t”. No job is too great a challenge and nothing is so small as to escape his attention. So, the team at Plumbing Cheshunt Company is ready to help with any type of plumbing issues. No matter about the distance, or size of the problem.

Simply, give us a call today.

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