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Customer Representative – Mike Stane

Mike Stane is our Cheshunt customer representative. He has been working for us for 2 years. For this reason, he is based in Cheshunt.

Cheshunt Customer Representative

Mike is the one who answers your call. His duty is to get the right message from customers and direct them to the right person. He has years of experience, so the is quick to identify the customers’ requirements. Fortunately, he has a sound knowledge about plumbing jobs., and what is likely to be the problem. In addition, he knows the staff and each of their special skills. Furthermore, our customers like the way he communicates with them, keeping them informed and explaining the process for them. Like the rest of our team. Mike is naturally friendly guy, who gets on with people – staff as well as customers. He gives them all the respect and courtesy you should expect.

A key role within the business

So, our customer representative Mike plays a major role. He is your initially contact with the company. As you know, it is very important to start well at first contact. And we never get any complaints about Mike. Customers love the way he talks to them. It is a task well suited to him.

There are many different types of people. Because of this, it is not always an easy task. Some of them have an emergency, therefore they are stressed, and may not be clear as to what they think the problem is. Still others, simple know very little about plumbing – and why should they? This is where Mike’s special skills come into play. But, above all, Mike is calm and reassuring, and he  answers any questions clearly. You can trust Mike to put you into contact with the best plumber for your job.

From our customers first contact, they get a very friendly service from Mike. So, Mike, our Cheshunt customer representative does play one of the key roles within Local Plumbing Company Cheshunt. Why not get in touch with us if you  have any plumbing problem.

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