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Chief Plumbing Inspector – Collin Edwards

Meet Colin Edwards, our chief Cheshunt plumbing inspector at your Local Plumbing Cheshunt Company. He has been working with us for over 10 years. His friendly service is popular among others.

His Duty

As the plumbing inspector, he is the one who is responsible for the quality of other junior plumber’s work. Simply, his duty is to ensure that plumbing job is done to a high standard. It is not an easy job. He has to check whether the job conforms to the rules and regulations. Both visually and manually he wants to check the work. If there’s a fault, he needs a quick response, whether it’s at your home or your office. Collin finds it easy to get on with people – and this is essential when inspecting the work of other plumbers – as well as in communicating in a friendly and accessible way with our customers. He is able to tease out any plumbing problem and explain it in easy to understand words.

He is well qualified

Colin has a sound knowledge about both theoretical and practical aspects of plumbing. As  a star college student he has added to his knowledge by experience and regular advance training in all aspects of plumbing. It is important for him to remain up to date with all aspects of the technical side of plumbing. With over a decade of experience Colin finds it easy to identify the fault. Because of his skill and experience, he can then find the best solution to your plumbing problem.

A friendly man – our Cheshunt plumbing inspector

People enjoy working with Colin, and he likes to share his experiences with his colleagues. And he enjoys his work as well as being highly skilled.

Why not give us a ring – our work is guaranteed to be of high quality with our Cheshunt plumbing inspector at hand.

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