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General Plumbing Specialist – David McCoist

David is an employee who has been working with us from the beginning of our business. He is one of the key characters as a Cheshunt plumbing specialist.

His duty as Cheshunt plumbing specialist

When we talk about his work, it might look like a simple job. But, he is the one who is responsible for all the other employees’ works. To do this, he must have a wide knowledge about whole of the plumbing process. Without a doubt, David is well qualified for the job. If it is a radiator repair, shower repair, blocked toilet repair or any other matter related to plumbing David knows enough to solve the problem.  The plumbing specialist’s job is not just to check on how others are working, but also he has to be able to do the work himself. And to be able to complete the tasks to  a high standard. Certainly, you can expect David to be a great example to our staff in demonstrating how to do the work in the best possible way.

He is loyal to the company.

David is loyal and energetic. He knows the importance of being at work on time. In addition, he understands easily  just what the customers want. Still, Mike likes to know about the new plumbing trends, technology and new equipment. Also, he can work well with young plumbers, who can benefit from his experience.  In addition, Mike’s dedication helps us to keep our name at the top level within the plumbing industry in London.We feel lucky to have David as  member of our plumbing team.

How he works

As a Cheshunt plumbing specialist, David attends plumbing training sessions in Cheshunt. He encourages his colleagues to attend these training work sessions as well. He wants to ensure the good quality of all our work.

So, for more information ,just give us a ring.

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