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Tips for Saving Water

Water is precious – every drop.

When you save water, you not only save money but you are also doing your bit to help to care for our planet.
If we overload our municipal water systems, the danger of sewage entering our rivers and seas increases, and if you have a septic tank, then that can fill up more rapidly and need emptying more frequently.
The following 7 tips for saving water may give you some easy and practical ways in which you can save water.

Tip 1. Identify and Rectify Leaks

Leaks can be insidious and do a great deal of damage to your property as well as waste an incredible amount of water. Even a gently dripping tap can lose over 20 gallons of water every day.

One way to check whether you have a leak is to turn off all the taps and water-using machines and refrain from using the toilet for 2 hours. Check the water meter before and after the 2-hour period – the readings should match.

When you find you a have leak – get the plumber in to find it, assess it and sort it out.

Tip 2. Showers

We all know that a shower uses less water than a bath – but – hold on – is that always the case?

When you leave the shower water running full tilt for minutes at a time the amount of water used can equal a shallow bath. A long hot shower can use up to 10 gallons a minute – so make sure you are enjoying every single minute and not wasting it! You may like to install a water saving shower head? Talk to your local plumber in Cheshunt and see what advantages this could have.

Tip 3. The toilet

In an average home, the bathroom accounts for three-quarters of the water we use. And the toilet accounts for 28% alone. While you may not like the idea in this couplet, it does save water!

If it’s yellow, let it mellow

If it’s brown flush it down.

But you may find other ways to save water when you flush the toilet. Many people put a device in the toilet to reduce the volume of water in the tank. You can buy cheap and safe gadgets from your plumber or make your own.

You can try filling a plastic bottle with water, add a few pebbles to weigh it down and screw the lid on firmly. If you place this in the tank well away from the moving parts, you can cut down your water consumption, by around 10 gallons a day.

Leaking toilets waste a great deal of water. Fortunately, you can check for this by adding a little food colouring to the toilet water tank. If dye appears within half an hour in the toilet bowl– then you have a leak – call the plumber!

And there are the newer models of toilet which use less water per flush.


Tip 4. Turn Off The Water Between Rinses

This applies to several activities. Cleaning your teeth, there is no need to leave the tap running while you brush for the whole two minutes. Some people use a mug, but others prefer to run the tap at least at the end to make sure the brush is well rinsed off.

Scrubbing vegetables can be done in a bowl, and rinsed off under the tap when all the scrubbing is done. I am sure you can think of other examples where a running tap is unheeded or unneeded. Furthermore, continue reading on tips for saving water.


Tip 5. Only a Full Dishwasher 

A dish washer is a great time saver, but every load uses on average 6 gallons of water. If you own an Energy Star rated dishwasher it still uses 4 gallons per cycle.t That’s lot of water to wash a tea cup!

The same goes for clothes washing machines. Here, there are usually options. So, chose the right cycle for your wash, and don’t use extra time which will add to the amount of water used (and wasted). Energy Star washing machines use 35-50% less water (and they are also more energy efficient, cutting down your costs even more).


Tip 6. Cold Water Comes From the Fridge.

Drinking plenty of water is good for you. But you can waste a lot of water running the tap until it really is cold. It saves time, as well as water, to have a drink-safe bottle of water in the fridge.

Tip 7. Washing Dishes by Hand


Here’s a way to really waste water! If you wash the dishes under a running tap, not only will they not get the benefit of soapy water, but you are wasting hot water. Wash them in a basin of hot soapy water and then put them in a draining rack. To rinse them, all together, simply use a spray of hot water or a pan full of hot water – it does the job just as effectually as single plate rinsing under a running tap -and uses far less water, and far less power to heat the water. Follow the tips for saving water and help to protect the natural resources.

Using these 7 tips for saving water plus the services of your Local Plumbing Company Cheshunt, you will be able to minimise waste, save money and also help preserve our precious environment.

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Tips for Saving Water

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